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Why do we exist?

The stated purpose of our existence is to learn more about our history, trace our genealogy and provide a support base for the historical restorations in Scotland of our Castles. It is also about getting to know each other better and gaining a sense of family or community.

Any person of Scottish ancestry bearing the name of Sinclair (however spelled), or descendants thereof, or any of the related Septs or families of Clan Sinclair, including the partner or descendants of such person.

What are our objectives?

  • to promote the concept of a Family of Sinclair’s in Australia, and to cultivate the spirit of fellowship

  • to collect and preserve literary, historical, and genealogical records, documents, and relics relating to the history of the Clan

  • to honour our Scottish heritage and to cultivate amongst our members and descendants, the pride, honesty, and spirit of our Scottish ancestors, and

  • to render assistance to each other whenever possible

Who are we?

Clan Sinclair Australia was established in 2000. There are older Clan organisations in Canada, United States of America, Scotland and England, and a younger group in New Zealand.

Who can apply for membership?

What do I get for my membership fee?

Members receive newsletters throughout the year. These letters contain information about functions, websites, genealogy and articles on famous and not so famous Sinclairs. Members are encouraged to submit stories on their branch of the family. We also maintain a website that members are encouraged to use. The committee and other CSA members attend Highland Gatherings and other events at their own expense however CSA money is used to purchase items for reference and displays in the Clan Sinclair Australia tent. We use these venues to promote the Sinclair Clan and to encourage people to participate in clan activities. We also try to help Clan Sinclair members with genealogy enquiries to help share and further the knowledge of our Sinclair ancestors. All members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting and Christmas get-together. It is a special social occasion with a full meal provided.

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